Monday, May 25, 2009

My Pup

This is Tucker, my handsome, white goldendoodle puppy. No matter what, he just wants to go. In a car, in a boat, on plane or even just for a walk around the neighborhood, Tucker's all for it. Of course he's a clumsy furball and trips over his own paws, but he's easy to love. Tuck is still a puppy, about six months old in the picture, but weighs over 50 pounds and growing. That is my fluffy yeti-dog, Tucker.


  1. Your blog is almost as cute as your dog!!!

  2. Tucker, looks so cute i just wana squeeze him!!!!!! And i, myself is 50 pounds indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi, Artmaster, nice to meet you! this post is so old, Tucker weighs over 80 pounds now! I squeeze him all the time :) Hes my bubby!!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by!!


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