Thursday, October 6, 2011

Junior Varsity Volleyball!

The North Stars Junior Varsity team lost their middle player to a concussion injury and Em was asked to play up to help out the team. It's been an honor and a challenge, and she is holding her own with girls 2 and 3 years older, and with less than a week of practice with the new team. It doesn't hurt that she is taller than everyone!

The first clips are her first home game in the big gym, she is wearing number 8. We lost soundly to our cross town rivals, St. Charles East.

The later clips are from this past weekend's tournament, she is wearing number 4. We won our first and last matches and lost middle ones.

She sure has grown up, hasn't she?

Here'a a picture of the towels she embroidered for her Sophomore team, taken earlier in the season.

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  1. Way to go Em! Not only are holding your own with the big girls, you look like one of the big girls!


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